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Armstrong le cuenta que son muy reconocidos y fuertes, cosa que no le sorprende a ella ya que eso les habia traído problemas. La mujer cuenta que es como su abuela por haberlos visto crecer desde que nacieron, y es que era la compañera de bebidas de su padre, un maldito que abandonó a su familia y del cual no tenían noticias. De vuelta en casa, Ed recupera sus automails y por consiguiente sus movimientos. Winry le advierte que fueron reforzados para su durabilidad a cambio de su resistencia, sin embargo el chico sale en busca de Alphonse sin escucharla.

Ya finalizado el entrenamiento junto a Armstrong, todos regresan para la cena donde recuerdan las palabras de su maestra: Edward da a conocer su partida que tendría lugar al día siguiente en el primer tren a Central. Al les agradece por ser su familia y pide perdón porque no pueden decirlo con facilidad; éste expresa su sentimiento por no tener un cuerpo con el cual llorar, pero Winry le dice que conocía a alguien que aunque lo tiene, se hace el duro.


Mientras la chica limpia la mesa de trabajo, se da cuenta de que le olvidó instalar una parte del brazo de Ed. Juegos Películas TV Wikis. Explora wikis Comunidad Central Crear un wiki.

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Rolling onto his stomach, Oikawa absentmindedly opened and closed your bedside drawer while lazily staring at what was di. Long shot baybeee.

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Also, if you haven't noticed, I like making reader-chan super pro at sports or killing titans. This takes place during season 1 and then transitions to season 2. Oh, and lets pretend Nagisa kept in touch with Haru and Makoto instead of surprising them in high school, okay? You broke out of his grasp and knelt to pick up the fallen luggage. I just don't belong in this town," you murmured. You both were entering high school after summer ended, and you being a volleyball protege, were offered to go to Yukimura High in Tokyo, who had one of the best teams in Japan.

Made up school from my fi. Late at night when every light's switched off and darkness takes hold of the empty space, I lie awake on my bed. I can't sleep. It's funny how some nights I fall asleep the second my head hits the pillow, but other nights I just can't catch any Z s. Maybe it's because Christmas is in a few minutes. Maybe I'm excited for Christmas because, hey, who's not excited for a day where you get presents and good food? But right now, I should just focus on sleep. Sleep sounds good. Maybe I should just count sheep. Yes, I'm a genius. That would work, it seems to work in TV.

Here goes. Four- oh fuck it, it won't work. I groan. It's a genius idea, but I do not have the patience to count.

I contemplate knocking myself out but I don't want to wake up with a bruise on my cheek and explain to the folks that I inflicted self-harm in order to cure my inability to fall asleep. Drawing Haruka Nanase x Reader Haruka stared at you from the pool as if you were an animal in a zoo.

Your hair was in a mess, your gestures as if you were trapped in your room for days. None of that really mattered, because you were too focused on your homework. Art homework. What art teacher would give a homework?! You usually got it all done on the period itself, but since you were so bad at the subject, your teacher let you take your work home to finish. To be honest, you hated art.

What more of drawing? You huffed in annoyance and then threw your sketchbook and pencil away. I can't do this shit! Haruka watched you with his ocean blue eyes before he rose from the pool to get his towel and your sketchbook. Before he noticed, you already left and started ranting to either Makoto, Kou or Nagisa. He sighed and then started to do something to your sketchbook.

Days later, you were frantically searching for your sketchbook. Your hair was in a mess. As she did so a pair of arms wrapped around her frame. She let out a little squeal, almost dropping the one cup she had managed to grab from the top shelf. She looked back to see a pair of golden eyes staring back down at her. She sighed, "Aoba.. He let out an airy laugh before stepping back.

And to see my-" "Aoba! W-What was-" "You leave that young girl alone! In your hand was a women's basketball, able to fit in your small hands perfectly. I don't get how you graduated this college with all of this work. As your sister, I know the signs of love! Now- we'll do stretches before we start to pack up. Apparently she's a high caliber libero! Apparently she saved lots of balls during the Inter-High preliminaries. Noya, looks like you have competiti-" "How tall is she?

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She's only cm tall. His bedroom.

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He wondered what his girlfriend needed help with, yet again.